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bullet1967 - Barlotti Imp S13, owned by Robbie Ashton
bullet1967 - Barlotti Imp BM with front brakes owned by Pete Adams
bullet1967 - Barlotti Imp seen on eBay
bullet1967 - Barlotti Imp K88, owned by Robert Taylor
bullet1969 - Barlotti Imp K12, owned by Robbie Ashton
bulletThe "Three Imps" by Tony Brinkworth.
bulletTony's Imp
bulletPeter's Imp
bulletTeds Imp
bullet1969 - Barlotti Imp Komet K77, owned by Robbie Ashton
bulletBarlotti Dino owned by Roger Norman 
bullet1969 - Barlotti Continental owned by Pete Adams 
bullet1970 - Barlotti Imp, owned by Ted Rawlinson.
bullet1971 - Barlotti Monza, owned by John Wheeler
bullet1972 - Barlotti Monza, owned by Ollie Hirst 
bullet1972 - Barlotti,unknown model, owned by Andy Young
bullet1972 - Barlotti Monza, owned by Tim and Billy Baker
bullet1973 - Barlotti Monzette owned by Kevin Pearce
bullet1973 - Barlotti Monza, owned by Alan Thompson
bullet1973/4 - Barlotti Monza, for sale by Jim Coulthard
bullet1973 - Mark Barnard Monza, owned by Paul Wilkes
bullet1974 - Barlotti Monza, owned by Dan Beeley
bullet1974 - Barlotti Monza owned by Tim Hudson
bullet1974 - Barlotti Monzette owned by Paul Dickinson
bullet1974 - Barlotti Monzette owned by Anne Guest
bullet1975 - Barlotti Barracuda owned by Andy Young
bullet1975 - Barlotti Barracuda owned by Steve Strong 
bullet1977 - Barlotti Barracuda or BB owned by Chris Sears
bullet1978 - Barlotti Parilla owned by Ted Rawlinson
bullet1979 - Barlotti, owned by Julian Lay
bullet1981 - Barlotti B "Britain Replica project" owned by Andy Young.
bullet1985 - Barlotti, raced in the day by Guy Pratt
bullet1990 - The Last Barlotti
bulletVarious other class 1's
bulletMamba's - A Barlotti inspired kart?