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Andy Young's 1972? Class 1 - "The Heinz 57" 


Date of manufacture - unknown, assumed to be between 1970 and 74

Model name - unknown

Restored and owned by Andy Young


Technical Details; 


1" axle 3 feet long.  bullet

Mechanical disc brake with floating 1/8" thick steel disc on steel carrier, uses Norton Commando pads, this brake is a retro fit as the bracket was obviously added later, original may have been a drum.  bullet

Rear wheels are cast Zip split rims 6 1/2" wide fitted with Vintage Speed Goodyear replica tyres. bullet

Front stub axles are 3/4" diameter with 5/8" nuts. Wheels are 5" diameter 4" wide splits, cast Zip inners and Nova Nylon outers on DK hubs with rear wheel PCD. Kart originally fitted with 4" Nylite wheels with taper roller bearings, when a set of good and safe 4" front tyres are available they will be re-fitted. bullet

Steering wheel is an Azusa bullet

Tank - original (egg cup capacity!) bullet

Seat - original bullet

Modifications - Aluminium floor was replaced with new of same gauge, but this may not have been original in the first place. Leather steering wheel bush replaced with a home made nylon unit. The nerf bars are as I got the kart but do not look original. The bumpers were originally painted silver not chrome. A small bracket was welded on the rear bumper to support the exhaust.  


For build story parts 1 to 3 click the links below to view the PDF files


Build part 1 bullet

Build part 2 bullet

Build part 3

At Shenington 2011 fitted with Vintage Speed 4" tyres on the original Nylite wheels 

Above and below, Donington Historic Festival 2011, with K77 and 4 1/2" VST rear tyres.


Class 1's at Strubby October 2010

At Silverstone Classic 2010

After 30 Years in a shed

After fabrication at BRT and then bead blasted.

Red powder coat, new floor tray and cleaned up tank.