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bullet1977 Barlotti Brochure.

bulletAdverts through the years


bullet1965 Karting Magazine, The Barlotti
bullet1967 Karting Magazine, Barlotti GP test.
bullet1967 Karting Magazine, Barlotti Imp test
bullet1967 Karting Magazine, Barlotti twin engine Imp.
bullet1967 Karting Magazine, front cover.
bullet1968 Karting Magazine, 9 hours postscript - Hampshire-Ermelli Barlotti Suzuki
bullet1969 Karting Magazine, 5 wheel Barlotti.
bullet1971 Karting Magazine, Barlotti Monza début at Shenington 6 hours.
bullet1973 Karting Magazine, Terry Fullerton's Monzette
bullet1973 Karting Magazine, Terry Fullerton front cover.
bullet1975 Cars and Car Conversions, Class 1 karts Tested
bullet1975 Cars and Car Conversions, Class 4 karts Tested
bullet1976 Karting Magazine, Prototype suspension
bullet1978 Karting Magazine, Barlow's new rear end
bullet1979 Kart and Superkart Magazine
bullet1980 Karting - Gary parker Cover shot.
bullet1986 Karting - Super karts