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Class 1 Imp - one of the last.


Date of manufacture - 1970

Model name - Imp

Restored and owned by Ted Rawlinson


This is how historic karting works, Ted was in a rush on Saturday morning, the weekends Retro Racer Historic kart race meeting was being held at the fantastic Llandow circuit in South Wales, a 3 hours drive from Ted's home on a good day. Normally Ted would have travelled to the track after work on Friday, but work had got in the way this time, this may have frustrated him at the time but perhaps looking back it was a stroke of luck.

Just as Ted was finally leaving the house the phone rang, not another delay, it was Mike Sanderson, from 400 miles to the north, "get on Gumtree now and look at this kart, its near you". So although keen to get to the track, Ted knows he has no choice, yes it is close, yes it is cheap and it looks like a Barlotti Imp. A quick call and Ted is on his way to pick up the kart on his way to Llandow. The historic karting network triumphs again and saves another interesting kart from the scrap heap or worse, from the motor bike engine off road project kart, well done Mike and Ted.


Note bracket for Airheart brake master cylinder, Imps usually have drum brakes, but this looks original.

Chassis is in great condition Ted later found that the bumpers were chromed, again a rare option on an Imp.

Bolt on seat stays look originan as does the Airheart brake calliper mounting plate.

Intertech steering wheel, quite the thing in the late 60's early 70's, now a rare find.


I hope to keep you posted on the restoration of this kart, I think it could turn out well, and Mike next time you see a nice Imp on the internet, can you call me first!